Roy Owens Construction Co. builds the best designed, highest quality, most efficient commercial and industrial projects available. As a quality builder since 1967, everyone at Roy Owens Construction Co. is focused on providing customers the facility they need in a comprehensive, timely, and high-quality manner. We can design, construct, and service every aspect of your project, whether it's manufacturing plants, cotton gins, seed and bale warehouses, offices, retail space, aircraft hangars, churches or maintenance buldings.

We believe that every project is important - no matter the size or design. Our employees go the extra mile to assure our clients that they are getting the most service for their money. Our ability to perform all aspects of the construction process enables us to pass on cost savings to our clients.

We like to develop strong working relationships with our clients. By implementing a "team" concept early in the project, all parties work together toward the same goal - the best quality project within the client's budget.